Partners In Action

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership’s success springs from the synergy of working together.

Our five partners continually seek opportunities to work with each other and with regional and municipal organizations and other stakeholders.

These collaborative networks enhance existing wetland and upland stewardship efforts, launch innovative initiatives that might not happen, and build interest in and capacity for wetland and upland conservation.

It’s all about our Partners in Action, that makes all the difference!

For more information on the valuable work our Partners are involved with, or to contact them, check them out below:

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA) is the lead provincial agency responsible for the stewardship of Alberta’s air, land, water, and biodiversity. AEP administers the Alberta Wetland Policy, the objective of which is to conserve, restore, protect and manage Alberta’s wetlands to sustain the benefits they provide to the environment, society and economy.

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Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation‘s primary responsibilities are policies, legislation, regulations, and services necessary for Alberta’s agriculture, food, and irrigation sectors to grow, prosper and diversify while supporting environmentally sustainable resource management practices. Key objectives include supporting primary producers’ competitiveness through responsible resource management including wise use of the provinces water resources for irrigation.

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Environment and Climate Change Canada is the lead federal department for a wide range of environmental issues. The department’s programs focus on minimizing threats to Canadians and their environment from pollution, and conserving and restoring Canada’s natural environment, including water, air and soil quality.

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Nature Conservancy of Canada, in partnership with corporations, governments, individual donors and landowners, works to achieve the direct protection of Canada’s most important wild spaces through property securement and longterm stewardship of these properties. This work maintains critical lands and waters for wildlife and ensures clean air and water for our future generations.

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Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is a registered charity that has over 80 years of experience in wetland conservation and restoration. DUC partners with government, landowners, industry, Indigenous peoples and non-profit organizations to conserve wetlands for the benefit of society, waterfowl, other wildlife and the environment.

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Contributions, Habitat Accomplishments, and Cooperators

For an overview of our Partner contributions and habitat accomplishments to NAWMP in Alberta, including support from our cooperators click here.

A heartfelt thanks to our Cooperators

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership sincerely thanks all the individuals, companies, governments, conservation organizations, charitable foundations, academic institutions, and others who have contributed funds, conducted research, and collaborated with our Partners, to successfully deliver NAWMP programming across Alberta. As a key partner to the Prairie Habitat Joint Venture, our motto is Advancing Conservation Together. As a cooperator, you have played a vital part in our progress toward achieving our vision of healthy prairie, parkland and boreal landscapes that support sustainable bird populations and provide ecological and economic benefits to society.