Resource Room.

Conservation Resources

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership has developed a library of information resources about wetland, habitat and waterfowl
conservation. From progress reviews to project reports, we are pleased to share this valuable information If you can’t find what
you’re looking for, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Progress Reviews

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership has produced Progress Reviews since 2000. Containing everything from project descriptions and committee updates to an assessment of contributions and habitat expenditures, Progress Reviews provide a complete picture of the breadth and scope the accomplishments of the Partnership in a given year. Adobe Reader is required to download and view these documents.



These publications highlight and promote the work of the Alberta NAWMP Partnership, however not all reports are the opinion of the Alberta NAWMP Partnership, or of the individual partner organizations:

Wetland Education Network

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership currently funds the Wetland Education Network, providing support for the network as it establishes its Action Groups and resources. The Alberta NAWMP Partnership also led a pilot for the Wetland Education Network in 2016 to identify sector wetland education and outreach needs. This work involved identifying potential wetland education tools and ways to share them. This work has continued beyond the pilot as the need for a network of this type in Alberta continues to be expressed. Action Groups (divided by sector) are working together on wetland education to network and share resources that have been identified as important by various stakeholders.


The Alberta NAWMP boasts a long-term, highly integrated working arrangement among our partners. These partners advance Alberta NAWMP habitat restoration and retention objectives through a broad mix of conservation activities that include direct programming, extension initiatives and policy support.