Policy Support - Alberta NAWMP Partnership

Policy Support

The Alberta NAWMP policy support efforts are directed at federal, provincial and municipal levels of governments, with emphasis on the provincial jurisdiction over wetlands. The Alberta NAWMP Policy Committee monitors and guides all policy activities within the broader partnership.
Our current policy support efforts focus on:

  • Supporting the implementation of the Alberta Wetland Policy and the provincial Water for Life Strategy.
  • Encouraging the development of wetland conservation, protection and restoration objectives for all watersheds in Alberta under appropriate planning mechanisms (e.g., integrated watershed management plans under the Water for Life Strategy, the Alberta Land-Use Framework, Alberta Environment and Park’s cumulative effects management system).
  • Encouraging wetland-associated perennial upland conservation and protection objectives, which are set for all target landscapes in Alberta under appropriate planning mechanisms (e.g., Alberta’s Land Use Framework).
  • Incorporating enhanced incentives for the conservation, protection and restoration of wetlands and associated native habitats into appropriate government programs.
  • Supporting the implementation of beneficial management practices (BMPs)
  • Ensuring waterfowl crop damage prevention and compensation programs are maintained at appropriate levels. Alberta NAWMP will continue to support funding and implementation agencies to ensure program is maintained and adequately funded.