Section 4 - Alberta NAWMP Partnership

Science Stories

Learn more about some of the projects funded by the Alberta NAWMP Partnership.

  • Blending Science and Traditional Values

    Wetlands are a vital part of the diverse landscapes of the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta. The Blood Tribe Land Management (BTLM) is working on an inventory of these wetlands to guide their community-based wetland conservation efforts. Learn more >>

  • Wetlands and Crop Yields

    The perception that we hear often from agricultural producers is that draining a wetland produces an economic benefit because you create an area where you can now grow crops. But is there actually an economic benefit to the practice of draining and cultivating a wetland in a crop field? Learn what researchers discovered >>

  • Tracking Pintails

    Exactly where a northern pintail duck places her nest has a big impact on her nesting success. If she chooses the wrong spot, all her eggs could be destroyed. And pintails really need better nesting success. In this project, researchers tracked pintails to help target conservation efforts. Learn more >>

  • The Human Dimension of Wetland Conservation

    Waterfowl hunters are key supporters of waterfowl and wetland conservation. But the number of waterfowlers in North America has seriously declined since the late 1970s. This decline is hampering conservation efforts in many regions, including Alberta. To better understand and address this issue, a project is diving into the human dimension of waterfowl hunting in Alberta. Learn more >>

  • Cattle, Carbon and Wetlands Go Hand in Hand

    The perennial plants that blanket well-managed grazing landscapes do much more than provide forage for livestock. They store carbon in the soil, provide wildlife habitat, maintain biodiversity, prevent soil and nutrients from being carried away by wind and water, and protect watershed health. Learn more >>