Alberta NAWMP at Work - Alberta NAWMP Partnership

Alberta NAWMP at Work

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership was established in 1986 to help achieve the continental NAWMP goal of restoring waterfowl populations to average levels of the 1970s. At the time, waterfowl populations were declining across North America. Since then, the Alberta NAWMP Partnership has established unprecedented, cooperative approaches to delivering direct conservation programs, coordinating extension programs, addressing policy challenges, and building partnerships. Ultimately, the work of The Alberta NAWMP Partnership contributes to conserving Alberta’s rich biological diversity.

  • The Plan

    The Alberta NAWMP Partnership is guided by Prairie Habitat Joint Venture (PHJV) Implementation Plans, which provides direction for provincial partners in conservation planning, program implementation and policy initiatives.

  • Approach

    Guided by the Plan, the Alberta NAWMP Partnership develops and delivers complementary direct, extension and policy habitat programs to both restore and retain wetlands and uplands in prairie and parkland Alberta.

    The Alberta NAWMP also supports a variety of wetland related studies that span agricultural, water management and ecological studies.