Publications - Alberta NAWMP Partnership


The following publications and reports highlight and promote the work of the Alberta NAWMP Partnership, however not all represent the opinion of the Alberta NAWMP Partnership or of the individual partner organizations.

Peer Review Reports

In 2017, Ducks Unlimited Canada commissioned several reports to assess the importance of boreal and mineral soil wetlands in the global carbon cycle. These reports included significant literature review to understand the opportunity for carbon storage and subsequently valuing that storage. Alberta NAWMP later commissioned a peer review of these reports which was completed in March 2020. The peer review, as well as the final reports are below.

Alberta NAWMP Peer Review: Critical Review of Five Carbon Reports (McAllister, 2020, 20 pages)

The Importance of Freshwater Mineral Soil Wetlands in the Global Carbon Cycle (Badiou, 2017, 15 pages)

The Importance of Temperate Grasslands in the Global Carbon Cycle (Bork and Badiou, 2017, 12 pages) 

Boreal Wetlands and Climate Change (Ducks Unlimited Canada, 2017, 33 pages)

Wetland and Grassland Retention and Restoration as an Effective Carbon Management Strategy in Alberta: The business case (Jon Alcock, Viresco Solutions, 2017, 77 pages)

Possible Implementation Pathways for Wetlands and Grasslands as Carbon Management Tools: Discussion paper (Jon Alcock, Viresco Solutions, 2017, 43 pages)

Science Stories

All of our efforts have a foundation in solid scientific principles. Research and science lays the groundwork upon which our programs to conserve wetlands are developed and implemented. We work closely with the top waterfowl and wetland scientists and fund science projects related to our priorities each year.

Learn more and read the stories of Alberta NAWMP-supported science and research.