Landowner Guide to the Alberta Wetland Policy

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership is pleased to announce the Landowner Guide to the Alberta Wetland Policy is now available!

The Landowner Guide to the Alberta Wetland Policy helps landowners understand their rights and responsibilities when working in and around wetlands on their farm or ranch under Alberta’s Wetland Policy. If you have wetlands on your property, or if you work with people who do, the Guide will help you identify the resources and programs that can be beneficial to your work.

Production of this Guide is part of AB NAWMP Partnership’s ongoing commitment to address the needs brought forward by the agricultural sector, as well as various working groups and members of AB NAWMP committees, since the implementation of the Alberta Wetland Policy.

We are grateful to all individuals and organizations who contributed their time and knowledge during the development of the document.

Print copies can be requested by emailing the AB NAWMP Partnership Coordinator.