External Review of Carbon Reports Complete

The peer review assessed validity, technical merit, timeliness, relevance and gaps in five carbon reports.

In 2017, Ducks Unlimited Canada commissioned several reports to assess the importance of boreal and mineral soil wetlands in the global carbon cycle. These reports included significant literature reviews to understand the opportunity for carbon storage and subsequently valuing that storage. In addition, Viresco Solutions generated two subsequent reports outlining the business case for valuing the carbon stored in wetlands and grasslands, as well as the development of an implementation plan.

Prior to public release, Alberta NAWMP subsequently commissioned a peer review of these reports which was completed in March 2020. The primary focus of the peer review was to assess the methodologies used in the analysis, the standards and credibility of the work outlined in the reports, including scientific rigor, technical merit and accuracy – including how current the work is, if updates were required and identification of any significant gaps and needs.

Now complete, the final peer review report along with the final reports that were reviewed are available here.