February 2 is World Wetlands Day – Get Involved

Water, wetlands and life – They are inseparable and they’re in crisis

Globally, a growing water crisis is threatening people and our planet. We use more water than nature can replenish and vital wetland ecosystems are being destroyed.

The impact of wetland loss is real

  • Nearly 90% of the world’s wetlands have been lost since 1700s; those remaining are disappearing 3X faster than forests.
  • 25% of all wetland species and 1 in 3 freshwater species face extinction.
  • Climate change is reducing surface and groundwater in already dry regions, resulting in increased competition for water.

Source: worldwetlandsday.org

There are people taking action

Work led by the Alberta North American Waterfowl Management Plan (ABNAWMP) Partnership to promote wetland conservation is having an impact. Together we work to:

  • Conserve and restore drained wetlands.
  • Support research that leads to improved water quality and quantity.
  • Help to integrate wetland conservation into development plans and resource management.
  • Deliver education and outreach programs for wetlands.

What you do matters

It’s up to us – together – to protect and conserve wetlands – the ecosystems that water and all life depend on most. You may ask yourself, “But what can I do?”

Learn about the Alberta NAWMP Partnership and the important work of the partners to conserve wetlands and associated wetland habitat, for wildlife and for people:

If you have wetlands on your property, take action by:

  • Keeping natural wetlands on your land intact.
  • Retaining upland vegetation around your wetlands.
  • Using responsible practices to preventing excess nutrients and chemicals from entering wetlands.
  • Supporting conservation organizations through donations or volunteerism.
  • Taking advantage of available resources and programs to conserve and restore wetlands.

Post a note on the World Wetlands Day site and share why you value wetlands.